The Year of the Zombies

Finally a vaccination has been discovered against influenza which was thought to finally solve the problem caused
by the disease once and for all. However its unexpected side effect has changed human DNA and transformed all the people to zombies who received the drug.
It also aggravates the situation that the side effects of the anti virus only appeared a year post vacciation and
by that time, the majority of mankind got the injections.
Furthermore, during the incubation period more people got infected through each others` humor.
The people of the island of Ireland managed to get protection against this infection due to the geographical
Isolation and because of their rejection of using the drugs.
However, by August 2016, there are only about 100 000 people left non-infected all around the world.
You and your team caught a signal from a private laboratory in a secluded corner of Ireland, where a scientist was working on an antidote against the mortal drugs. This scientist claimed that he found the antidote. Unfortunately, he only sent the message on the very day when Ireland got invaded by the horde of bloodthirsty zombies. There is no sign since then.
Your team`s mission (of course, only if you take it on) is to explore the laboratory and find out what happened. Is it true that there is an antidote?



For 3-7 people
Ages: 16+

25 EUR / person for 3
20 EUR / person for 4
17 EUR / person for 5
15 EUR / person for 6
14 EUR / person for 7