The Park

The ghost of a former biology professor is said to roam the halls of the science building just off the corner of the Haunted Park, which he loved to ride through every day. The ghost appears to be in his sixties and before his death, he made sure he secured his beloved bike and since he keeps haunting those who even try to get it unlocked. Animals have mysteriously been released from their cages, there are also reports of some radioactive phenomenon causing visible changes in the fauna and plants of the Park.

When you walk along the bike path, you can feel someone behind you and no one will be there. When you look to see where the sound is coming from, no one will be there. You and your mates can have the chance to stop him from haunting forever by releasing the bike and getting into his lab to rein the phenomena.


For 3-8 people
Ages: 12+

25 EUR / person for 3
20 EUR / person for 4
17 EUR / person for 5
15 EUR / person for 6
14 EUR / person for 7
14 EUR / person for 8